Printer Friendly Version SERBIAN OMBUDSMAN`S DELEGATION IN ANKARA, MAY 06-09, 2018 @ 9 May 2018 02:15 PM

Delegation of Serbian Ombudsman headed by Mr. Zoran Pasalic Protector of Citizens of Serbia made an official visit to Ankara. In the presence of Serbian Ambassador to Turkey H.E. Mr. Zoran Markovic, two ombudsmen, Mr. Zoran Pasalic on Serbian side and Mr. Seref on Turkish side, signed the Memorandum on cooperation between Ombudsman Office of the Republic of Serbia and Ombudsman Institution of the Republic of Turkey. This Memorandum will be a solid base for improving further cooperation. Serbian delegation was receiven by the President of Grand National Assembly of Turkey H.E. Mr. Ismail Kahraman who stated his pleasure about the successful cooperation of two institutions of the two countries. Serbian Ombudsman delegation visited also The Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey.